Helperbit announces project closure

Dear users and friends,

Five years have passed since the Helperbit kick-off, and this marks the end of the startup status.

Helperbit was born in response to a lack of transparency in donation management, offering the non-profit world safe and transparent bitcoin fundraising tools.

In recent years, our tools helped during critical calamities such as the central Italy earthquake in 2016 and the dramatic initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Helperbit fostered crypto donations to many small projects too, helping them boost their activities in a wide range of verticals, from disability to education.

We are proud of the generated social impact, acknowledged in the years by awards and honorable public mentions.

Unfortunately, the startup has not achieved economic sustainability, and this forces us to close the project.

From today, sign-ups are closed, and it is no longer possible to create new fundraising projects. Registered organizations and users have 30 days (May 20, 2021) to withdraw their funds and transfer them to their wallets or exchanges. Eventually, we can assist with fund transfer operations.

After 30 days, it will be no longer possible to access the platform, but users can transfer funds through the tool deployed in Github.

We will keep users’ and organizations’ documentation for the time required by the law, with the same high-level security standard used in the past years.