Huge success for Blockchain in main Italian Television RAI

Great success last friday night for #Codice, the first Italian TV program entirely focused on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The one-hour show was on the main channel, Rai Uno, at 11.30 pm and registered 9.22% share of total viewing, reaching the 1st position in the Italian most popular hashtags list in Twitter for that night.

The journalist Barbara Carfagna, in collaboration with Giuseppe Giunta and Barbara Gasperini, interviewed many italian blockchain entrepreneurs and startuppers, including some foreign bitcoiners such as Roger Ver and Jon Southurst.
We can consider this as the first important message for the Italian audience to raise awareness about the evolution of money and to make people part of an ever-expanding digitalization. The journalist used a simple language to analyze the mechanisms behind these complex technological innovations. There were also interesting incentives for the viewers to reflect on economic, technical and social aspects.
The stories clearly showed the core view of that revolution; furthermore the comparison between international case studies (Japan, Estonia, Israel, China) and Italy highlighted that, despite there are some difficulties here, this country can contribute too to the spread of the blockchain, thanks to some forward-looking entrepreneurs.
In the closing part, Banca D’Italia and ABI (Italian regulators) gave a more critical point of view talking about cryptovalutes, but we still have some doubts about their real knowledge of these topics.

The next episodes will talk about cybersecurity, digital humanities, work, artificial intelligence and smart cities.

The programme is available in streaming on RaiPlay:

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