Helperbit’s Manifesto

Introduction to the vision that brought to the foundation of Helperbit, the role of the blockchain technology in the donation transparency platform and the ambitions of the startup.



The cryptocurrencies have challenged many concepts that were considered established, bringing radical changes in many aspects of the society; they have proven that it is possible to overturn secular status and they also help us to redefine the unassailable roles of some institutions.
The concept of trust has a new connotation, bringing people to no longer have to arbitrarily entrust a third party, but to put their faith in mathematics. Yes, as the blockchain, the heart of bitcoin, operates according to mathematical laws.

Helperbit was born due to a precise need: restore confidence in the charity and insurance sector, where the lack of transparency has led citizens to be wary of some institutions.
Helperbit is a startup with a high technological value, with a strong social vision and innovative business aspects.


The platform

The platform offers the opportunity to donate to non-profit organizations, companies and public bodies that create charitable projects or to organizations involved in the management of humanitarian emergencies. Even registered individuals can receive donations, but only if they are directly affected by a natural disaster. This is a further benefit for registered citizens, as they can be both donors and, in case of need, beneficiaries.
Through Helperbit NGOs can accept cryptocurrency donations and open to a brand new target of donors. If they spend the received bitcoins they allow supporters to track in real time the path of the money on the blockchain, till the final use.

Bitcoin’s blockchain is the main technology of the platform: it is the unique open tool that offers audit of economic flows without relying on a central authority.
The mutual insurance service, that is focused on the coverage of collateral damages caused by natural disasters, will be released shortly.


The Business Model

The combination of social and business aspects is evident in the dual nature of the platform: some services are designed to be free, while there are some premium tools.

The goal is to maintain free access for individuals, non-profit organizations and government agencies, allowing them to use the basic services provided by Helperbit. In addition, as the startup does not intend to have revenues directly from donations, which can be used to help people in need, there are no additional costs on transactions related to donations. This means that, excluding the fees required by the network and service providers, 100% of the money will be addressed to the selected beneficiaries.

How does the startup generate revenue? Keeping the donative section freely accessible, the startup is focused on 3 revenue streams: technological consultancy for financial and industrial players; development of additional premium services for NGOs; development of a premium mutual insurance service against natural disasters.