Helperbit now supports Ledger Hardware Wallets

In the last update, the platform added the possibility of creating a Bitcoin wallet using the physical device. This option is already available for Nano S wallets produced by Ledger; the French company is one of the most renowned startups in the industry, with over 1.5 million devices sold worldwide. The integration of the Trezor hardware wallet is also planned.

All users that have already configured the device can create a wallet simply by pairing the hardware with the platform. The Bitcoin private key is kept protected on the offline device and it is not necessary to write the 12-word passphrase related to the Helperbit wallet. The function is available to all kind of users: individuals, administrators of NGOs’ funds and for company accounts.


What is the Ledger Nano S
For those unfamiliar with this device, the wallet is similar to a USB stick and is designed to withstand cyber attacks and viruses. The tool comes with two multi-function buttons and a small screen, covered by a metal protection.


How to complete the first configuration
After connecting the device to your computer using the appropriate cable, a welcome message is shown. The next required step is to create a new account and choose the PIN, which will be requested each time that the device will be connected to the computer.
The screen shows the 24 words, that represent the backup key. Write those words on paper (blank cards designed for this operation are provided with the Ledger) and keep them safe is very important, as they are the only way to restore the access to the wallet if you lose the physical device.
The last step requires the installation of Ledger Live and the installation of the Bitcoin App on the device.


How to make a transaction using the Ledger wallet on Helperbit platform
After configuring the device, the “manage your bitcoin wallet” button is available in the user’s control panel and here you can choose the procedure to create the wallet.
At this point you need to connect and unlock the Ledger, access the Bitcoin app on the device and confirm the operation. The wallet is already created and the bitcoin address is visible on the platform with the relative QR code.
To send a transaction, the operations to be completed are the same as above: connect the device, unlock it and confirm the sending of funds from the Ledger.