Verification Process and Trust Level for a Single User

The verification procedure is focused on the identity and geographical location of individual users signed up for Helperbit. This passage allows citizens to be helped in case that they are affected by a natural disaster, receiving direct donations.


What is the verification of a single user?

The verification of an individual (single user) is the procedure used to ascertain the identity and geographical position of an individual signed up for Helperbit.


What is the purpose of an individual’s verification?

The verification of an individual is a discretionary process, decided by the user. There are different levels of verification, which correspond to specific Trust Levels.
When a calamity happens, the completion of this step allows donors to know the Trust Level of a user that lives near the affected area and that probably needs help. The procedure is divided into several stages and is aimed at preventing fraudsters from collecting non-legitimate donations.


What are the benefits?

For donors: directly help those who have been truly affected by a natural disaster.
For beneficiaries: the opportunity to be automatically included in the list of possible beneficiaries affected by a catastrophe, immediately after that the event has occurred.


What are the procedures needed to complete the verification?

Two aspects are taken into account: Verification of identity and verification of geographical position.

  • Identity verification: there are several options to verify your identity, each choice with a corresponding score. The possible ways, ordered by increasing reliability, are:
    • Self-certification (write personal information in the specific fields)
    • Connection to one or more social accounts
    • Upload of an Identity Document


  • Verification of the geographical position. The options available for this step, ordered by increasing reliability, are:
    • Self-certification (write user’s location in the specific field)
    • Enable browser localization
    • Receive a One Time Code (OTC) to the home address
    • Upload documents (Invoice of a domestic user or certificate of residence issued by the General Register Office)


How are the received data managed and stored by Helperbit?

User privacy is a very important value for us. Each individual can change the settings related to the public visualisation of personal data through the own configuration page.
For more information, see the Privacy Policy page.