Helperbit Launches Crypto Fundraising Campaigns for Individuals, an Alternative to Facebook Fundraisings

300 million dollars. This is the amount donated in a year through the Facebook tool “birthday fundraising”. 750 thousand NGOs benefited from this, with a huge social impact. These numbers indicate the willingness of people to contribute to charitable causes, celebrating an important event in an original way.

But why not extend this possibility to all owners of cryptocurrencies, estimated between 2.9 and 5.4 million people? 1

This is the goal of the “Fundraising Campaigns“, a new service provided by Helperbit, that allows to donate bitcoin and more than 20 crypto to non-profit organizations during special occasions.

We believe that this tool can be a driver for the diffusion of cryptocurrencies in the charity sector. In addition to eliminating intermediaries and bringing more transparency, it empowers individuals to actively contribute to a cause that is close to their heart.

This service is launched few days before the Giving Tuesday and the Christmas period, in order to offer the opportunity to test this new service during such occasions. Stand up, create your Campaign!


What is a crypto Fundraising Campaign?
A Fundraising Campaign is an initiative created for an important occasion.
The raised amount is addressed to the cause you care for, in a direct and transparent way. It is possible to donate using Bitcoin and over 20 Altcoins (ETH, DOGE, VTC, LTC ..). Helperbit has also implemented the possibility to donate with a credit/debit/prepaid card: in this case the donated amount is instantly exchanged in bitcoin and sent to the beneficiary.
Find out more about payment methods:Make a Donation using Helperbit


When can I create a Fundraising Campaign?
The initiative is open to everyone!

Are you a youtuber? Celebrate the milestone of 10, 50 or 100 thousand members on your channel. Be an example and encourage your audience to contribute to the cause, people will appreciate this gesture!

Are you an influencer? Launch your Campaign during a conference where you are a speaker or when you publish a new book. Let your followers know about this new initiative.

Are you a company? Celebrate the launch of a new product or the anniversary of the company’s foundation with this service. An initiative like this is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, with many benefits for your brand, customers and employees.

Are you a community? Whatever is the interest that connects your group (cryptocurrency, technology, sports or other passions), there are many goals that have to be celebrated: do not miss this opportunity, create a Campaign!

Whoever you are, every event is the right occasion to raise funds. Celebrate special days with this charitable initiative: your birthday, a festivity (Christmas, Easter, Ramadan..), when you achieve an important educational goal (diploma, degree), the marriage or the birth of a child.
The beneficiary of the Campaign can not be a personal cause, only initiatives lead by non profit organizations.


How can I create a Campaign?
You have to be registered in order to create a Campaign. In the “settings” page click on “Fundraising Campaigns”, write the title and a brief description, letting visitors know why you are creating this initiative.
If you are an individual and raise funds among your friends, we suggest to set 100 € as a target, because having an attainable goal stimulates more people to donate. You can change this setting according to your preferences, remaining within the goal imposed by the project. Then select the project that will receive the donations you will collect. At the end, let your friends know that you have created a crypto Fundraising Campaign and share the initiative on social networks!


How long can a Campaign last?
A Campaign can last minimum 6 hours up to a maximum of one month, since the day of its creation.


Who manages the donations?
The donations come directly to the project that is the beneficiary of the initiative: neither the creator of the Campaign nor Helperbit have access to these funds. For more information on donation management read the explanation about Multisignature Bitcoin Wallet.


Are there any fees for the donations made through this service?
There are no additional fees for donations in Helperbit. Fees are only charged by the Helperbit partner services (payment acquiring and exchange) and by the Bitcoin network, in order to send transactions.
We have no direct profits from donations, as reported in the Manifesto Page.