Helperbit supports Legambiente to raise funds for the earthquake reconstruction

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On August 24th, the first strong quake hit the central Italy, causing a large number of victims and damages. Immediately Guido, the closest to the epicenter, went to the affected area to help people and report what was going on there, as written here in our post blog.

This event definitely shook us emotionally, letting us touch the stark reality, motivating us to increase our effort in the development of the project and further increasing our sensitivity to these issues, key points in the Helperbit’s vision.

Since that day, our efforts have always been aimed at find the fastest way to make the platform operational; we never accepted the idea of be impassive during this emergency, the unique possible gratification was to truly help the affected population.

Today, almost four months after that tragic event, we are proud to announce that Legambiente is the first major non-profit organization in Italy to accept donations in Bitcoin and the first NGO in the world to use autonomously the most advanced and secure technology for the management of Bitcoin: the multisignature wallet. It is a 3 of 4 wallet, with 3 keys managed by Legambiente and the backup key by Helperbit. The software has been developed entirely by Helperbit and the team is very proud of it, realizing the sacrifices after two years of hard work.

We are thrilled to embark on a journey along with an Italian historical charity organization, that has great deal of initiative and that is able to face technological innovations.

This is only the first step, with the aim of spreading this innovation as much as possible, both on the national and international scene. We will soon open the platform and its analysis and donations’ traceability tools to everyone.

Now we need the support of the whole community (Bitcoin and not), you are the true value of this project, to demonstrate that the technology, debated for years by the media, is only a tool and, as such, can be used positively.

You can donate here to contribute to the cause, but it is also important to share this new opportunity with your friends on social media channels, showing it as a positive example.


Helpebit Team


Press release in Italian: link

Press release in English: link

Press release in Spanish: link

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